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Saturday, November 1, 2014, 11:00 a.m.

The two hour long Grand Parade will start at the corner of Penn and Chestnut. It proceeds from Memorial Hall south on Main St. east to Sixth St., south one block to Maple where it turns west to Ninth St. The final leg travels north on Ninth St. ending just short of the Independence Middle School. The Grand Parade is exceedingly well attended. Parade goers set up chairs on the front row in the wee hours of the morning on parade day. As the "great fly over" occurs at 11 a.m. the crowd will be five deep in many places along the route. There are free street acts, the carnival, and food concessions along Penn Ave. both before and after the Neewollah Grand Parade.   Downtown Webcam   
**NOTE  - The Grand Parade Committee will be putting together the Parade Line-Up this weekend.  If you have questions about if you are going to be in the parade please email us only.  You can email us at  We only answer questions about line-up order or if you are in the parade through email.  We are sorry if this inconvenient for you; however, we have a lot to consider about he parade this year.

Entry applications for 2014 Neewollah Grand Parade has past.  Please consider registering for next years parade!
 **Please Note**  Political persons permitted to ride in the parade are those persons holding office whose district includes Montgomery County and its contiguous Kansas counties.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Additionally under no uncertain terms will any political election/re-election campaign advertising be allow on the dignitary or his/her staff member.  The dignitary must be present the day of the parade; stand-ins will not be allowed.
For questions regarding the Grand Parade please email:
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