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News about 2015 Pageant

Stage Escorts Neelah Debs

2015 Schedule of Events
June 11
August 9
September 13
September 27
October 4
October 11
October 18
October 25
October 26
October 27
Summer Workshop from 6:00-8:00pm at ICC West
Packet turn in 6:00-8:00pm
Every Sunday Talent Practice starts
Data Workshop IHS 2:30-4:30pm
Pop Party/Talent practice moves to Memorial Hall
Mock Judging/Talent guest observation night (1 guest only)
Interview/Runway/Walk-in Workshop
Queens Tea/Talent night full dress rehearsal
Interview @ IHS/Talent Night
Queens Brunch/Coronation Rehearsal

Queen Neelah LXXIII
Caringtyn Julian

Photo Courtesy of DJ'S Photography
2014 Queen Court

Queen Neelah LXXIII - Caringtyn Julian
1st Runner Up - Betsy Stewart
2nd Runner Up - Bailey Hennen
Miss Originality - Madeline Cox
Miss Interview - Larin Tucker
Miss Congeniality - Calise Papen
Miss Photogenic - Kaci Foster
Miss Fashion - Olivia Palmer
Miss Beauty - Kayla Potthast
Miss Personality - Sierra Marquez
Miss Poise - Allyson Busch
Miss Talent - Morgan Chilcott


The following Queen Candidates were chosen to repeat their
Talent Presentation during the Queen Neelah Coronation,
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014

From Left to Right:
Morgan Chilcott, Allyson Busch, Bailey Hennen, Jessica Turner, 
Betsy Stewart, and Madeline Cox

2014 Featured Queen Candidate
Larin Tucker
Quality Motors

2014 Queen Committee Chairs
Queen Neelah Co-Directors Lori Wesselowski and Sarah Wilson
Candidate Co-Chairs Amy Shrum and Mindy Blackard
Publicity Jodi Hayse
Summer Fashion Workshop Donna Janasek and Tabatha Snodgrass
Neelah Debs Valerie Davis and Debbie Schroeder
Stage Escorts Mike Rose and Deatrea Rose
Talent Leslie Coder, Mary Swearingen and Sarah Coder
Judges Shelly Brooks, Liz Moore and Sherri Hesse
Queen's Tea Bev Chubb and Mary Jo Wallis
Coronation Stacie Clarkson and Karen Morrison
Coronation Dance Christy Mavers and Chad Mavers
Pre-Parade Breakfast Marla Dufur and Tabitha Easley
Brunch Shannon Oakes, Gina Messenger and Denise Hines
Pop Party Pili Barker and Kim Goodman
Buttons Shannon Clancy and Linda Grice
Interview/Runway Kathy Woods and Anne Bertie
Transportation Jen Rutledge and Carrie Agosto
Queen's Scrapbook Lindsey Forslund
Window Display Lisa Cushing, Michelle Babcock and Lori Perches
Walk In Amy Lakin and Kay Hamlin
Name Tags Melaie Merrick and Angela Renfro
Coffee Talk Dee Dee O'Malley, Lisa Hugo and Stacey Yakshaw
Data Sheet Workshop Laura McClure and Gayle Chapman

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