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Board Members

Neewollah Board Members

Message from Neewollah Board Members

Citizens of Independence and surrounding areas we are definitely facing trying times. Who knew when the clock struck midnight bringing in 2020 that in just three months, we would be re-arranging our lives and priorities in this manner? Normally at this time the Neewollah queen committee chairs would be meeting with prospective candidates and students interested in being a deb or escort. Those meetings of course can’t happen with the suspension of onsite classes due to COVID-19.

Our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang director and producers are getting their crews together and planning auditions.We just wanted to let you know we are very excited to keep the ball rolling behind the scenes for Neewollah 2020. When we all get through this, we will certainly be ready to enjoy the festival and get back to our normal activities. We are currently open for online musical auditions! Please see the home page for information. Queen candidate information will also be shared on our website and Facebook Page as soon as possible. Please watch the Neewollah Facebook page and www.neewollah.com for update and announcements.

Keep supporting our businesses however possible and be safe everyone!

Neewollah Board of Directors

Janet Demo – Generalissimo
Stacey Yakshaw – Chairman
Anne Bertie – Vice Chairman
Lori Wesselowski - General Elect
Leslie Coder - Treasurer,
Denise Hines – Secretary
Kelli Ebert
John Gray
Jodi Hayes
Lisa Hugo
Mary Kadel
Sabrina Overfield
Michael Rose
Gregg Webster
Lauren Ysusi

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