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Medallion Hunt Clues

The Medallion has been FOUND

The Medallion has been FOUND
**More information will come soon!!

Clue #1 - Saturday

Oh, the fond and pleasant memories of growing up in Independence. Our clues this year will all be associated with Independence in the late 1950’s, 1960’s and early 70’s. As we have done in the past the medallion hunt will send you to different locations throughout the city to find the answers to your clues.

Clue 1A If you wanted a Falcon, Fairlane or Galaxie you went to the Dukenits-Jenkins authorized Ford dealer.Go to the location of the former Dukenits-Jenkins agency.Look catty-cornered or southwest, what is the full name of the business at that location?

It is very important that you keep your clue answers in order.The reason will be revealed in clue #6.

Clue #2 - Sunday

Clue 2A The park has had a miniature golf course for many years.Go to the location of the 1960’s miniature golf course in the park, find a plaque with the word courage included in the text. What is the word that follows courage on the plaque?

Clue 2B For many years Independence was the home of Sinclair Pipeline Company.Go to the location of the Tweedie Service Station.Look directly south.What is the total number of sets(3 windows) on the north side of the building?

Clue 2C Independence has turned out many great athletes. Find a plaque with the date Sept. 30,1972. Find the word Radio in text on the plaque.What is the word following Radio?

Clue #3 - Monday

Clue 3AGo to the location where you took your date to a Saturday night movie in the 1960’s and 1970’s.Look at the coming attractions movie posters outside the theater.What movie starring Humphrey Bogart is a coming attraction to the theater?

Clue 3B Who can forget a Saturday afternoon playing competitive billiards with the boys. Go to the location of the Mission Billiard Parlor. Look across the street to the northwest. What is the name of the building on the top of the façade? ________ Bldg.

Clue 3C After church, your family rushed to Jack and Georgia Wiggins restaurant to enjoy a Sunday dinner.Go to the location of Jack and Georgia’s restaurant. What is the name of the current restaurant that is directly north of the Wiggins restaurant?

Clue #4 - Tuesday

Clue 4ARiley, Washington, Lincoln, StAndrews, Lutheran School, Junior High and IHS.Go to Sophomore corner.What is the façade color of the house directly south across the street from Sophomore corner?

Clue 4B Afterschool you went downtown and had a cherry phosphate and oatmeal cream pie served by Wanda. What is the name of the building that you meet your friend’s afterschool for a cherry phosphate?

Clue 4C A stroll through Ralph Mitchell Zoo. Go to the location of where the Sea Lion pool was located in the 1960’s. Directly south of the pool is a bronze plaque. If you got to the ”Big” Train, you went too far south.What is the first name on the bronze plaque?

Clue #5 - Wednesday

Clue 5AA&P, Crumrine’s, Grewell’s,Heslop, Klumpp’s, Reed’s IGA, Safeway.Go to the block of the location of the Foodtown SuperMKT.What is the name of the apartment building in the block directly north of the Foodtown block?

Clue 5B You could smell fresh baked bread in the morning walking to the Junior High on 10th street walking from north to south.Go to the AJ Cripe Bakery.What is the color currently on the top façade of the old bakery?

Clue 5CDean making you a hamburger, the north turn around if you were cruising Penn.Go to the location of Mr. Swiss.Look directly east. Find the name HOLDEN. What is the family name on the marker directly south of HOLDEN?

Clue #6 - Thursday

You have kept all you clue answers in order, right? Here we go. The location of the medallion.You will use the following letters in your clue answers to determine the medallion location. Clue #1 answer, use the last letter in the second word of your answer.Clue #22A third letter in the answer, 2B fourth letter in the answer, 2C first letter in the answer.Clue #33A Sixth letter in the answer, 3B third letter in answer, 3C Second word, third letter of answer.Clue #4 4A second letter of answer, 4B fourth letter in answer, 4C third letter in answer. Clue #55A Second word, first letter of answer, 5B second letter of answer, 5C first letter of answer.

Clue #7 - Friday

The Ford Agency was located on the corner of Main and 6th, the 1960’s miniature golf at the park was located just south of the little train depot, Tweedie’s service station was located on west Laurel where Dr. Beaver’s office is located, Sept. 30, 1972 is on the Mark Tindle Memorial, You took your date on Saturday night to the Booth Theater, The Mission Billiard Parlor was where Cantrell’s Fine Jewelry is currently located, you went with your family after church dinner at Wig’s Restaurant at the corner of Penn and Maple, Sophomore corner was at the Junior High School on the southeast corner of the block, you got your cherryphosphate from Wanda at Rexall’s in the Professional building, Sea Lion pool was located across the street from the Miss Able concession stand, The Elms on Washington street is the apartment building north of the Foodtown Mkt. at the corner of Penn and Locust, the A.J. Cripe Bakery was at the corner of 10th and Sycamore and Mr. Swiss, the turnaround for cruising was where Pizza Hut is now located.
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