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Medallion Hunt Clues

The Medallion has been FOUND

The Medallion has been FOUND
**More information will come soon!!

Clue #1 - Monday

Clue 1

Find the signs at these twenty eight eclectic Independence locations. I will give you a location in Independence. Go to the location. Find a sign located AROUND this location. You can see the sign from the location, but it maybe north, south, east or west of the location. I will give you three letters contained in a word on that sign, example: lmt. I want to know what is the letter following lmt? This fourth letter will be a clue to the location of the medallion.

Location: Kansas Cracker Company, letters ood (1). What is the letter following ood in a word on the sign? This is the first letter in the clue to find the medallion. There will be twenty eight letters. KEEP THEM IN ORDER. Good luck and have fun.

Clue #2 - Tuesday

Clue 2

Location: Cramer’s Pharmacy Letters: agn ____ (2)

Location: Find Capital Iron Works Topeka Kansas Letters: dva____ (3)

Location: Longfellow SchoolLetters: ill____ (4)

Location: Find “Home of the Brave”Letters: eta____ (5)

Location: The Governor, ”May he rest in peace” Letters: cin____ (6)

Location: Stand in the foot print where President William Howard Taft made a speech in Independence in 1910.Letters: ain____(7)

Location: Bovaird Supply Company Shop Letters: ran____(8)

Location: Lucille Ashcraft Bench Letters: ign____(9)

Location: Find “Esthew Lowrey Chapter Daughter of the American Revolution”

Letters: par____(10)

Location: The Whirl Café Letters: ape____(11)

Location: Find the Interurban southernmost entry point into Independence

Letters: eci_____(12)

Clue #3 - Wednesday

Clue 3

Location: Stand in the footprint where President Gerald R. Ford made a speech in Independence in 1984.Letters: sta____(13)

Location: Feary Grocery Letters: foc____(14)

Location: A church stone identification “1928”Letters: ibr____(15)

Location: Egyptian Massage Parlors Room 6, Old Opera House Building

Letters: arm____(16)

Location: Find “Bella 81/2”Letters: ruc____(17)

Location: McKinley School Letters: ese____(18)

Location: Jumbo Clothing Letters: ler____(19)

Location: Independence Electric Co. Bldg .Letters: nte____(20)

Location: U.S.S. Saint Paul Letters: nio____(21)

Clue #4 - Thursday

Clue 4

Location: Hammond & Lewellen’s Carriage Repository Letters: enm___(22)

Location: Brunswick Bowling Alley Letters: mid____(23)

Location: The majestic home of the Thibus family built in 1907Letters: men___(24)

Location: Find a church stone identification “1914”Letters: lat____(25)

Location: When you think about Danny Williams, Walter Obrien, Kalei Matthews Letters: alp____(26)

Location: Searle Baking Co. Letters: oun____(27)

Location: Find Mesker Bro’s Front Builders Letters: itl____(28)

Clue #5 - Friday

Clue 5

Sorry, I apologize. Remember, this was supposed to be for fun. You are going to use the even numbered clues only to find the location of the medallion. The odd numbered clues were pretty easy. So use clues 2,4,6,8 etc. Fourteen letters, three words to find the location of the medallion. Oh, you must unscramble the letters to form the three words. Good luck, have fun.

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