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Yard Decorating

2022 Yard Decorating Winners

Generalissimo's Pic:
Susie Tull
301 N 12th

People's Choice:
Mark Julian
701 W. Oak St.

Judges Pick:
Joyladene Walsh
1316 N 8th St.

Honorable Mention:
Aaron Artherton
120 E. Cottonwood

A lot of work has gone into decorating all over town, please drive around and take a look.

2021 Yard Decorating Results

Halloween Winners:
1st Place - Doug Fienen 312 S 5th St.
2nd Place - Aaron Artherton 120 E Cottonwood St.
3rd Place - Mark and Mary Jo Julian 701 W Oak

Fall Winner:
Susie Tull 301 N 12th St.

Other Entries:
Tracy, Hunter, Keeva Boorigie 1931 Nth 24th St
Linda Spencer 901 Birdie Dr.
Cindy Wren 309 N 13th St.

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