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Past Marching Band Festival Results

2023 Marching Band Results

Ratings are on a numerical system of 1-3 with 1 being superior.

Parade Only:
Sedan: 2-

White Class:
Burlington: Parade 2; Field 2
Fort Scott: Parade 2-; Field 3
Andale: Parade 2-; Field 3
Iola: Parade 2-, Field 2
Labette County: Parade 2, Field 2
Sarcoxie, Mo.: Parade 2, Field 2

Outstanding Drum Major: Iola
Outstanding Percussion: Andale
Outstanding Color Guard: Iola
Best in White class: Sarcoxie, Mo.

Gold Class:
Dewey, Okla: Parade 2-, Field 2
Field Kindley: Parade 2-, Field 2
Caney Valley: Parade 2-, Field 3
Chanute: Parade 2, Field 2
Clever, Mo.: Parade 2-, Field 2

Outstanding Drum Major: Dewey, Okla.
Outstanding Percussion: Field Kindley
Outstanding Color Guard: Clever, Mo.
Best In Gold Class: Dewey, Okla.

Black Class:
Wichita North: Parade 2, Field 2
Center, Mo.: Parade 2, Field 2
Wichita South: Parade 2, Field 2
Hutchinson: Parade 1, Field 2
Eisenhower-Goddard: Parade 2, Field 1
Shawnee Heights: Parade 1, Field 1

Outstanding Drum Major: Center, Mo.
Outstanding Percussion: Shawnee Heights
Outstanding Color Guard: Eiswnhower-Goddard
Best in Black Class: Shawnee Heights

Orange Class:
Olathe West: Parade 1, Field 1
Wichita East: Parade 2, Field 1
Independence: Parade 2, Field 1
Valley Center: Parade 1, Field 1
Gardner-Edgerton: Parade 1, Field 1
Blue Valley Northwest: Parade 1, Field 1

Outstanding Drum Major: Blue Valley Northwest
Outstanding Percussion: Olathe West
Outstanding Color Guard: Olathe West
Best in Orange Class: Olathe West

Overall festival awards:
People’s Choice: Gardner-Edgerton
2nd Runner Up: Shawnee Heights
1st Runner Up: Blue Valley Northwest
Best In Show: Olathe West

2022 Marching Band Results

People's Choice: Gardner-Edgerton
Grand Champion: Blue Valley NW
1st Runner Up: Shawnee Mission NW
2nd Runner Up: Miami

White Class
Outstanding Drum Major: Field Kindley
Outstanding Percussion: Field Kindley
Outstanding Color Guard: Field Kindley
Best in White Class : Field Kindley

Gold Class
Outstanding Drum Major: Labette County
Outstanding Percussion: Skiatook
Outstanding Color Guard: Miami
Best in Gold Class: Miami

Black Class
Outstanding Drum Major: Blue Valley North
Outstanding Percussion: Wichita East
Outstanding Color Guard: Olathe West
Best in Black Class: Blue Valley North

Orange Class
Outstanding Drum Major: Shawnee Mission NW
Outstanding Percussion: Blue Valley NW
Outstanding Color Guard: Blue Valley NW
Best in Orange Class: Blue Valley NW

2019 Marching Band ReCap

2018 Marching Band Results

White Class
Northern Heights - III
Seymour - II
Dewey - II
Caney Valley - III
Coffeyville - I
Reeds Spring - I

Best Percussion: Reeds Spring
Best Auxiliary: Reeds Spring
Best in Drum Major: Coffeyville
Best In Class: Reeds Spring

Gold Class
Clever - II
Miami - I
Labette - II
Olathe West - I
Independence - I
Bonner Springs - I

Best Percussion: Olathe West
Best Auxiliary: Clever/Independence
Best in Drum Major: Olathe West
Best In Class: Miami

Black Class
Wichita North - II
Goddard - I
Shawnee Heights - II
Wichita East - I
Gardner-Edgerton - II

Best Percussion: Goddard
Best Auxiliary: Wichita East
Best in Drum Major: Goddard
Best In Class: Goddard

Orange Class
Wichita South - II
Junction City - II
Valley Center - I
Shawnee Mission NW - I
Hutchinson - II

Best Percussion: Valley Center
Best Auxiliary: Shawnee Mission NW
Best in Drum Major: Valley Center
Best In Class: Shawnee Mission NW

People's Choice: Independence
2nd Runner Up: Reeds Springs
1st Runner Up: Valley Center
Grand Champion: Shawnee Mission NW

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