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Past Chili Cookoff Results

2023 BBQ CookOff

Chicken Category
1st - “Noxie” Sauced
2nd - Quigley’s Butts & Thighs BBQ
3rd - Hoggy Style BBQ.

Ribs Category
1st - F5 BBQ
2nd - Commercial Bank
3rd - Quigley’s Butts & Thighs BBQ

Pork Category
1st - Kamakazi Smokin’
2nd - Team Woods BBQ
3rd - Farm Tank BBQ

Sides Category
1st - Hoggy Style BBQ
2nd - F5 BBQ
3rd - Farm Tank BBQ

Reserve Champion - Kamakazi Smokin’
Grand Champion - Quigley’s Butts & Thighs BBQ.
Generalissimo’s Choice - Wood’s BBQ.

People’s Choice
1st - Hoggy Style BBQ
2nd - Derailed Commodity
3rd - Farm Tank BBQ

2023 Dessert Winners

1st Place

1st Place

2nd Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

3rd Place

People's Choice Winner

People's Choice Winner

2023 Cornhole Results

Money train winner is Arron Squirrell.

Lower bracket
1st - Scott Heiskell and Haley Nalley.
2nd - Dean and Ashley Huntley.

Upper Bracket
1st - Hunter Holmes and Jacob Ukenholz
2nd- Aaron Squirrel and Kaylee Ballou


2021 Results

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Chili Cook Results:
Chili results:
1st -Hillyards
3rd- Smokin’ Bros
Generalissimo’s choice- Hillyards
People’s Choice- Smokin Bros
Hottest -Pittman
Best Decorated Booth- Pittman

Dessert Competition Results:
1st -Thaddeus Tuck “Yellow Brick Road Peanut Nougat Bar”
2nd -Chelsea Kircher - Sugar Cookies
3rd & Generalissimo’s Choice -Carol Artherton - No Cake Like…….
Munchkins Choice-Melinda Bennett- Chocolate Forrest

2019 Results

Chili winner - Smokin' Bros
Tied for 2nd - Smoke On the Water & Witches Brew
Hottest - Hank's Home Cookin'
People's Choice - Smoke On the Water
Generalissimo's Choice - Debbie Caldwell
Decoration Winner - Marvin Pittman

Dessert Winner & Generalissimo's Choice - Carol Artherton
2nd place - Shelly James
3rd place - Melinda Benne

2018 Results

1st Place: Shelly Brooks
2nd Place: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley
3rd Place: Todd Campbell
Hottest: Ed Mitchell
Best Booth: Marvin Pittman
People's Choice: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley
Generalissimo's Choice: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley

Dessert Contest

1st: Kathryn Ruble
2nd: Michelle Swearingen
3rd: Hanna Lyon
General's Choice: Ashley Wright

2017 Resulst

1st Place & Generalissimo Choice - Meegan Dodson
2nd place - Chuck Goad
3rd place - Madeline Gurney (IMS FACS)
Hottest Chili - Ed Mitchell
People's Choice - Skyler Estes/Travis Kelley/Nick Schabel
Best Decorated Booth - Lakin Davis

Dessert Contest WINNERS
1st place (2-way tie)
  • Carol Artherton "Practically Perfect Chocolate Cake" & also Generalissimo choice on this one.
  • Michelle Thomas "17 Cherry Tree Lane"
2nd place - Patty DeGeorge (ICC Culinary) "Spoonful of Sugar Cakes"
3rd Place - Shelly James- "Supercalicookielicious"

Talent Contest WINERS
1st Place - Spencer Swope
2nd Place - Mary Masters
3rd Place - Gracelyn Nelson

2016 Results

1st Place - TC Chili, Chad Bright

2nd Place - Smokin' Bro's Hot Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
3rd Place - Smokin' Bros Craft Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
People's Choice - Smokin' Bro's Craft Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
Best Decorated Booth - Witches Brew, Shelly Brook
Hottest - Smokin' Bro's Hot Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
Generalissimo and Queen's Choice - FBB Chili, Ed Mitchell

1st Place - Michelle Thomas
2nd Place - Barbara Wagner
3rd Place - Carol Artherton
Generalissimo and Queen's Choice - Carol Artherton

Talent Contest Winners

2015 Cookoff Winners

2014 Cookoff Winners

2013 Results

Chili CookOff Winner - Team Blakey Sue - Blake's Campfire Chili
Generalissimo's Choice - Team Fat Boys Barbecue
Hottest Chili - Team Fat Boys Barbecue

Dessert Contest
1st Place - Melinda Bennet
2nd Place - Claire Cook and Olivia Merrick
3rd Place - Jennifer Smith
Generalissimo's Choice - Shelly James

Salsa Competition Winner - Tony Howland

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