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Past Chili Cookoff Results


2021 Results

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Chili Cook Results:
Chili results:
1st -Hillyards
3rd- Smokin’ Bros
Generalissimo’s choice- Hillyards
People’s Choice- Smokin Bros
Hottest -Pittman
Best Decorated Booth- Pittman

Dessert Competition Results:
1st -Thaddeus Tuck “Yellow Brick Road Peanut Nougat Bar”
2nd -Chelsea Kircher - Sugar Cookies
3rd & Generalissimo’s Choice -Carol Artherton - No Cake Like…….
Munchkins Choice-Melinda Bennett- Chocolate Forrest

2019 Chili CookOff Winners

Chili winner - Smokin' Bros
Tied for 2nd - Smoke On the Water & Witches Brew
Hottest - Hank's Home Cookin'
People's Choice - Smoke On the Water
Generalissimo's Choice - Debbie Caldwell
Decoration Winner - Marvin Pittman

2019 Dessert Contest Winners
Dessert Winner & Generalissimo's Choice - Carol Artherton
2nd place - Shelly James
3rd place - Melinda Benne

2018 - Chili CookOff WINNERS
1st Place: Shelly Brooks
2nd Place: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley
3rd Place: Todd Campbell
Hottest: Ed Mitchell
Best Booth: Marvin Pittman
People's Choice: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley
Generalissimo's Choice: Skyler Estes / Travis Kelley

2018 - Dessert Contest WINNERS
1st: Kathryn Ruble
2nd: Michelle Swearingen
3rd: Hanna Lyon
General's Choice: Ashley Wright

2017 Chili CookOff WINNERS
1st Place & Generalissimo Choice - Meegan Dodson
2nd place - Chuck Goad
3rd place - Madeline Gurney (IMS FACS)
Hottest Chili - Ed Mitchell
People's Choice - Skyler Estes/Travis Kelley/Nick Schabel
Best Decorated Booth - Lakin Davis

2017 Dessert Contest WINNERS
1st place (2-way tie)
  • Carol Artherton "Practically Perfect Chocolate Cake" & also Generalissimo choice on this one.
  • Michelle Thomas "17 Cherry Tree Lane"
2nd place - Patty DeGeorge (ICC Culinary) "Spoonful of Sugar Cakes"
3rd Place - Shelly James- "Supercalicookielicious"

Talent Contest WINERS
1st Place - Spencer Swope
2nd Place - Mary Masters
3rd Place - Gracelyn Nelson

2016 Chili CookOff Winners

1st Place - TC Chili, Chad Bright
2nd Place - Smokin' Bro's Hot Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
3rd Place - Smokin' Bros Craft Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
People's Choice - Smokin' Bro's Craft Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
Best Decorated Booth - Witches Brew, Shelly Brook
Hottest - Smokin' Bro's Hot Chili, Skyler Estes, Travis Kelley, Nick Schabel
Generalissimo and Queen's Choice - FBB Chili, Ed Mitchell

1st Place - Michelle Thomas
2nd Place - Barbara Wagner
3rd Place - Carol Artherton
Generalissimo and Queen's Choice - Carol Artherton

Talent Contest Winners

2015 Cookoff Winners

2014 Cookoff Winners

2013 Chili CookOff Winner - Team Blakey Sue - Blake's Campfire Chili
2013 Generalissimo's Choice - Team Fat Boys Barbecue
2013 Hottest Chili - Team Fat Boys Barbecue

2013 Dessert Contest
1st Place - Melinda Bennet
2nd Place - Claire Cook and Olivia Merrick
3rd Place - Jennifer Smith
Generalissimo's Choice - Shelly James

2013 Salsa Competition Winner - Tony Howland

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