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Medallion Hunt Clues

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Clue #1 - Saturday

Carl-Leon Hotel to the Apple Tree Inn, Dancer’s Sporting Goods to Libby’s Boutique, Coldwell Drug Store to Apricot Lane Boutique, Independence High School to the remodeled Independence Middle School, City water tower to Sonic.

Clue #2 - Sunday

We are going to spell out the location of the medallion using numbers.Letters of the alphabet will be represented by a numerical value. A=1, B=2, C=3…, Z=26. You will be directed to a location (The Calvert’s Department Store); you will find a number (Count the number of Lion Heads above the entrance) Answer 7. You will add or subtract numbers as directed, example add 10 to 7=17. 17 represents the letter Q in the alphabet.We will have a total of 12 letters. They will be given to you in the correct order of the location of the medallion.Your first letter clue is: Go to “Harry’s” house, count the number of Corinthian COLUMNS on Harry’s residence.Determine the number and subtract 18 from the number of Corinthian Columns; that is your first letter for the location of the medallion.

Clue #3 - Monday

Go to the Veterans Freedom Square-read the Vietnam plaque. “Nixon launched ____ peace initiatives” + Vietnam War Montgomery Co. deaths. Total from plaque minus 73=Letter

Go to the Governors Grave Marker-Add all the years on Lyman’s marker.Total years minus 7524=Letter

From the Governors Grave-Walk NW toward the Johnson Chiropractic building.Find the marker of Frank Bonham who was lynched in 1885. (It’s close to a tree). Including Frank, what is the total number of names on the marker? Total names minus 3=Letter.

Clue #4 - Tuesday

Go to location where Benton’s Grocery and Market was located on 14th Street. What is the total number of residential houses on the entire block that Benton’s Grocery was located? (Don’t count the old Church). Total of houses minus 5=Letter

Go to St. Andrews School. What is the date on the front façade? Date minus 1898=Letter

Go to the house of George T. Guernsey Jr. built for him as a wedding present in 1909.Count the number of Ionic columns on the wrap around front porch. To the total of columns add 3=Letter.

Clue #5 - Wednesday

Go to the building constructed for the Independence Reporter owned by H.G. James.What is the date on the front façade? Date minus 1905=Letter.

Go to Swanks Market on Popular. Count the number of windows on the west side of the building. To the number of windows add 11=Letter

Go to the William R. Leonard Memorial. What is the total number of plaques at the memorial? To the number of plaques add 16=Letter

Go to the Looney Tunes grave marker. Add year of birth of the deceased to the year of death. Total minus 3929=Letter.

Go to “Summer Showers” What is the total number of buttons on all the children’s clothing? Total buttons minus 5=Letter.

Clue #6 - Thursday

If you followed directions and found all the letters, it should not make any sense.Let me help you. Take each letter you found in clues #2, #3, #4 and #5 and add two letters to it.Example, you should have found a “Y” in Clue #5, the “Y” turns into an “A”.You should of found an “N” in Clue #5, the “N” turns into a “P”.You also found an “I” in clue #5; the “I” turns into a “K”.Get the idea.Sorry, for obvious reasons I had to put this twist in the medallion hunt.Decipher your letters and this is the location the Neewollah Medallion.
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