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2014 Honk

The 2014 Neewollah Musical was


Book by Anthony Drewe

Music by George Stiles

Lyrics by Anthony Drewe

Based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Ducklin

Oct 24 - 26, 2014

Lois Lessman, Director
Lea Sheppard & Stacy Near, Producers


Honk Cast

Drake: Bradley Gray

Ida: Megan Moore

Ugly: Christian Blackert

Grace: Pam Passauer

Henrietta: Jean Ann Routh

Maureen: Ivory Porter

Turkey: Gary Mitchell

Cat: Larry Annable

Maggie Pie: Rylie Shoop

Beaky: Jude Stafford

Fluff: Sydnee Clubine

Billy: Landon Pursley

Downy: Lexie Foster

Waddles: Brynn Bertie

Quackers: Skye Blake

Boys Voice: Jackson Horning

Girls Voice: Browyn O'Malley

Greylag: Jeff Shaw

Dot: Lori Shaw

Barnacles: Kyler Brown

Pinkfoot: Chloe Camacho

Snowy: Kansas Hall

Old Woman: Lorraine Emmot

Lowbutt: Lina Miller

Queenie: Terri Barbera

Penny: Lauren Emmot

Mother Swan: Mary Kadel

Bullfrog: Terry Peck

Farmer: Robert Wuerdeman

Father Swan: Russell Jackson

Bewick: Mary Boulanger

Adult Chorus: Patty Nance, Dolly King, Vanessa Dennis, Carol Russell, Marcia Carvalho,
Lori Adams, Mary Boulanger, Haley Hinthorn, Connie Blake, Drew Demo, Susan Porter,
Leslie Coder, Shelby Demo, Sarah Coder, Nancy Brennan, Angie Musgrove, Chris Mitchell, Mary Kadel, Paul Porter, Mary Mani

Teen Chorus: Bailey Schaub, Paloma Schaub, Larin Tucker, Sandra Moody, Amanda Trout, Maddy O'Rourke, Hannah Jabben, Merideth Perches, Soli Groff, Sophia Carr

Kids Fish/Frog Chorus: Jake Bryant, Gabe Schenk, Sydnee Jackson, Mae Tuschman, Tia Gregory, Browyn O'Malley, Megan Emmot, Alaina Dillion, Jackson Horning, Sebastian Simmons, Lyric Russell, Emma Woodward, Savannah Perches

Please contact the producers if you have viewed your role. Lea Shepard-dreech@yahoo.com
or Stacy Near-stacyteaches@live.com


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