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2012 Queen Neelah

Queen Neelah LXXI Jackie Newland

2012 Queen's Court

First Runner-up: Charlee Holsinger
Second Runner-up: Abbie Herkelman
Miss Talent: Erin Wesselowski
Miss Poise: Whitley Groth
Miss Personality: Kylie Ewing
Miss Beauty: Kelsey Shearhart
Miss Fashion: Taylor Houck
Miss Photogenic: Ashlyn Conner
Miss Congeniality: Abbie Herkelman
Miss Interview: Krista Amos
Miss Originality: Monique Shaw
The following candidates were chosen to repeat their talent presentation during the Queen Neelah Coronation Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

From Left to Right:
Jami Sanborn - Humorous Skit
Abbie Herkelman - Vocal Performance
Kelsey Shearhart - Hip Hop Dance
Erin Wesselowski - Vocal Performance
Jackie Newland - Vocal Performance
Courtney Medsker - Vocal Solo
2012 Queen's Committees

Queen Neelah Co-Directors: Rita Taylor & Barbara Smith
Candidate Co-Chairs: Pili Barker & Stacy Near
Publicity: Joanne Cox
Summer Fashion Workshop: Hillary Sutherland & Dee Dee O'Malley
Neelah Debs: Heather Bryant & Kim Goodman
Stage Escorts: Zoedy Schnurbush & Sandi Johnson
Talent: Amber Gregory & Paula Schabel
Judges: Sabrina Overfield
Queen's Tea: Lisa Hugo & Kathy Clapp
Coronation: Tabitha Snodgrass & Donna Janasek
Coronation Dance: Anne Bertie & Kathy Woods
Pre-Parade Breakfast: Amy Shrum & Mindy Blackard
Brunch: April Nutt & Lori Schabel
Pop Party: Allison Littleford, Molly Reynolds & Jennifer Berg
Hand Props: Laura Bryant & Bev Zemlock
Buttons: Marci Hennen
Interview/Runway/Walk-in: Jodi Hayse, Lacy King & Lisa Wilson
Transportation: Gina McLenon & Beth Capps
Queen's Scrapbook: Kelli Ebert
Window Display: Gina Botts & Lori Schabel
Data Sheet Workshop: Laura McClure & Emmi Knight

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