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2013 Queen Neelah

Queen Neelah LXXII KasiDee Cox
2013 Queen's Court

1st Runner-Up: Dalice Coda
2nd Runner-Up: Jenna Gilstrap
Miss Talent: Randalin Ward
Miss Interview: Diona Mendoza
Miss Poise: Mandi Schwenker
Miss Originality: Brooke Mundy
Miss Personality: Trinity Coots
Miss Photogenic: Emily Newton
Miss Beauty: Beth Yakshaw
Miss Fashion: Chynna Farmer
Miss Congeniality: KasiDee Cox

The following Queen Candidates were chosen to repeat their talent presentation during the Queen Neelah Coronation, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013.

From Left to Right: Christine Loganbill (HipHop Dance), Beth Yakshaw (Skit), Randalin Ward (Piano Solo) Kristen Dunham (Saxophone Solo), Emily Newton (Original Skit), Jenna Gilstrap (HipHop Dance)

2013 Queen Committee Chairs

Queen Neelah Co-Directors: Sabrina Overfield and Ellie Chickadonz
Candidate Co-Chairs: Melissa Small and Hillary Sutherland
Publicity: Cody Rodriquez
Summer Fashion Workshop: Lisa Hugo and Kathy Clapp
Neelah Debs: Julie King and Amy Reichenberger
Stage Escorts: Lori Schabel and April Nut
Talent: Amy Shrum, Mindy Blackard, Angela Smith
Judges: Gina Botts and Gina Linn
Queen's Tea: Shannon Oakes and Gina Messenger
Coronation: Kim Goodman and Heather Bryant
Coronation Dance: Stacy Near and Pili Barker
Pre-Parade Breakfast: Dana Froebe and Tabatha Snodgrass
Brunch: Becky Thorenson and Becky Lanning
Pop Party: Melody Moore and Ashley Moore
Buttons: Amy Bales
Interview/Runway/Walk-In: Sandi Johnson and Zoedy Schnurbusch
Transportation: Michelle Smith and Hannah Yannez
Queen's Scrapbook: Angela Renfro
Window Display: Donna Janasek and Tiffany Flatt
Data Sheet Workshop: Laura McClure
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