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2014 Queen Neelah

Queen Neelah LXXIII Caringtyn Julian
2014 Queen's Court

1st Runner Up - Betsy Stewart
2nd Runner Up - Bailey Hennen
Miss Originality - Madeline Cox
Miss Interview - Larin Tucker
Miss Congeniality - Calise Papen
Miss Photogenic - Kaci Foster
Miss Fashion - Olivia Palmer
Miss Beauty - Kayla Potthast
Miss Personality - Sierra Marquez
Miss Poise - Allyson Busch
Miss Talent - Morgan Chilcott
The following Queen Candidates were chosen to repeat their talent presentation during the Queen Neelah Coronation, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014.

From Left to Right: Morgan Chilcott, Allyson Busch, Bailey Hennen, Jessica Turner, Betsy Stewart, and Madeline Cox
2014 Queen Committee Chairs

Queen Neelah Co-Directors: Lori Wesselowski and Sarah Wilson
Candidate Co-Chairs: Amy Shrum and Mindy Blackard
Publicity: Jodi Hayse
Summer Fashion Workshop: Donna Janasek and Tabatha Snodgrass
Neelah Debs: Valerie Davis and Debbie Schroeder
Stage Escorts: Mike Rose and Deatrea Rose
Talent: Leslie Coder, Mary Swearingen and Sarah Coder
Judges: Shelly Brooks, Liz Moore and Sherri Hesse
Queen's Tea: Bev Chubb and Mary Jo Wallis
Coronation: Stacie Clarkson and Karen Morrison
Coronation Dance: Christy Mavers and Chad Mavers
Pre-Parade Breakfast: Marla Dufur and Tabitha Easley
Brunch: Shannon Oakes, Gina Messenger and Denise Hines
Pop Party: Pili Barker and Kim Goodman
Buttons: Shannon Clancy and Linda Grice
Interview/Runway: Kathy Woods and Anne Bertie
Transportation: Jen Rutledge and Carrie Agosto
Queen's Scrapbook: Lindsey Forslund
Window Display: Lisa Cushing, Michelle Babcock and Lori Perches
Walk In: Amy Lakin and Kay Hamlin
Name Tags: Melaie Merrick and Angela Renfro
Coffee Talk: Dee Dee O'Malley, Lisa Hugo and Stacey Yakshaw
Data Sheet Workshop: Laura McClure and Gayle Chapman
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