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2016 Queen Neelah

Queen Neelah LXXV Ashley Johnson

Sponsored by: O'Malley Equipment
Photo: DJ'S Photography
2016 Queen's Court

Miss Originality - Emily Lattin
Miss Interview - Kallie Smith
Miss Congeniality - Shayla Drake and Emily Wilson
Miss Photogenic - Avery Chism
Miss Fashion - Isabella Castilleja
Miss Beauty - Rindy Marquez
Miss Personality - Jacey Smith
Miss Poise - Brooklinn Royer
Miss Talent - Sagan Shire
2nd Runner Up - Emily Wilson
1st Runner Up - Karson Ballew

The following candidates were selected to perform their talent coronation night. Sagan Shire, Emily Wilson, Taylor Clark, Kallie Smtih, Ashley Johnson, Karson Ballew

2016 Queen Candidates

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