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2017 Queen Neelah

Queen Neelah LXXVI Aubree Lawrie

Sponsored by: Cancer Center of Kansas
Photo Courtesy of: DJ's Photography

2017 Queen's Court
Photo Courtesy of: Rob Morgan
Miss Originality - Jessica Wood
Miss Interview - Anastasia Howland
Miss Congeniality - Lily Melle
Miss Photogenic - Jessica Reed
Miss Fashion - Pauline Gomez
Miss Beauty - Abby Ewing
Miss Personality - Erin Latimer
Miss Poise - Shayla Schaper
Miss Talent - Qwynn Marquez

2nd Runner Up - Lakelyn Shaffer
1st Runner Up - Lyssa Schabel

The following candidates were selected to perform their talent at coronation night. Lily Melle, Amanda Trout, Lakelyn Schaffer, Qwynn Marquez, Jasmine Hall, Autumn Robinson

2017 Queen Candidates

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